In 2010, Keith and his best friend went to the strip club to celebrate the fourth year of his divorce being finalized. While there, they were approached by a woman named Amy. Nothing was the same after that. Welcome to the Keith Season.
This episode was written by Eric Dizzy (@ThaFamousNobody),
Jenni Ruiza (@RuizaJenni)
and Brittany Rae (@XoCherylForever)
It was recorded and mixed by Eric Dizzy - @ThaFamousNobody
Keith is played by Eric Dizzy - @ThaFamousNobody
Devin is played by Boogie Bang - @DjBoogieBang
Amy is played by Ebony singleton
Cedes is played by Dej Ballard - @i_justwanttobe_great
And big thanks to B Swift for playing himself. - @BSwift317
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See you next week.