Enjoy this diary about a woman breaking her celibacy for her birthday.

Hey! I hope everyone is doing well during this quarantine! Life has been hectic in this household with the lock down and having a new born. Honestly, it has been a bit overwhelming but we will work through it.

Due to the virus, the new season has been postponed but don’t worry!

We have started casting actors who can record remotely!

We also need writers who can write diary entries with three characters max.

If you have recording equipment at home and would like to be a voice and

If you want to write a diary, please reach out to us via email at BlackWidowPodcast@gmail.com

Thank you to the Patreon members who are still donating anything.

Again, send an email to blackwidowpodcast@gmail.com if you are interested in writing a diary or if you would like to be a voice and record at home.