Hey you! I was recording late last night, and it dawned on me: I have no idea how you feel about the previous ten episodes. I personally like "The Cable Guy," "Mr. Prototype," and "Mr. Undeniable." Those are my top three, but what are yours?

These episodes differ from the stories I started Black Widow with, but they're more intimate and accessible for me to produce. As I navigate this new space of becoming the voice that you come to for comfort, peace, and erotic content, I want to make sure I am creating content that you can look forward to. So, with all that said, if you get time today, please rank the last ten episodes so I can spend the weekend getting the next ten episodes lined up. I was hoping you could message me on Patreon or Instagram at Black Widow Podcast with your feedback. 

Also, Words of affirmation are my love language, so when I say I love the comments, I mean it for those leaving spiders on all the content. I had no idea you all were leaving them on YouTube! Fucking dope! For all the people leaving comments on Spotify, fucking dope! To those of you leaving comments on Instagram, fucking dope! 

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