From the Black Widow Podcast’s world of sound, we introduce "Played" an interactive audio experience where you decide what’s next!

We have a ton of black widow diaries just sitting and collecting dust. I thought it would be a great idea to give the male perspective to some of your favorite episodes while creating a whole new storyline. So I asked the lovely patrons on the Black Widow Patreon page what were their favorite episodes and after tallying all of the votes, we have the first three episodes of the new series: Played. These episodes are based on the dairies Oops Oh My, Krave, and a brand new episode called “Imaginary Friend”.

When Tevin meets Krave at a coffee shop, a planned sneaky link gets derailed by a text from Zaida. After a night of intense sex and unraveling emotions, Zaida is unclear on what she wants to happen between her and Tevin.

What happens next, is completely up to you all!

You, the fans, get to vote each week to determine how things play out with Tevin via a link shared on patreon.

You pick from a list of diaries and the writers, Mahogany and Eric Dizzy, will work them into the storyline.