Hey! I hope all is well. Here are a few updates.

Black Widow will start back up November 4th with a two-part series called Keep Your Enemies Close. Until then, I will be remixing a few of your favorite episodes.

We are also working on another two-part series called “The Boy Is Mine”. This series will star Medinah from the cocktales podcast.

The two full series after that will be Black Medusa and Random Roommates. After all of that is done, season 4 will be back.

Thank you all so much for believing in black widow. We are doing our first giveaway. Head over to our Instagram page and tag three people in our latest post for a chance to win a sex pack that includes a bullet, condoms, lube, a custom black widow face mask, and a my pussy my rules t-shirt.

Share this post in your stories as well! We are trying to bring more awareness to black widow before releasing the new content. Thank you all so much.